Freedom of Information Act Requests


All requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act are processed by the Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer. Requests should obtain the specific documents and/or information that are desired. Please refer to section 30-4-10 and subsequent sections of the South Carolina Statutory Code of Law for provisions of the act including information that is exempt from disclosure.

Requests that are extensive in nature may necessitate a reimbursement fee for labor and copying. Any projected costs for complying with an FOIA request will be forwarded to the individual prior to fulfilling the request with an itemized estimate of the costs associated with copying and the projected number of man hours to accomplish the task. All fees will be consistent with those charged by Anderson County government. Any questions or requests for information should be directed to:

Anderson County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Records Department
Post Office Box 5497
Anderson, South Carolina 29623

Phone: (864) 260-4437 or 4439
Or fax: (864) 222-6600