General Media Information

ENG_Camaera_300.jpgEmergency Managers and the media need each other. Those that work in Emergency Management know that most people form their impression of first repsonders through media accounts, as it is the media that report emergencies and many disasters.

In an effort to enhance community awareness, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office-Emergency Services Division has appointed Public Information Officers to be the “informational liaisons” to the community. These Public Information Officers routinely field questions, and provide timely information to the various media outlets serving Anderson County. These outlets include radio, television, print, as well as “online” media.  

In addition, other forms of communicating information to the community are employed, suchsocialmedia_circle.jpg as popular social media outlets including Twitter®, FaceBook®, and others.

For further information contact the Anderson County Emergency Services Office of Public Information by clicking here

For Freedom of Information Act requests, you can obtain more information by clicking here.