Anderson County is fortunate to have, as one of its disaster relief assets, a unified Mobile Command Center. This high-tech, state-of-the-art vehicle, can be dispatched to a disaster or emergency site, and provide communications, control, and command for the efficient use of personnel and assets. The vehicle is equipped with satellite communications, a mobile repeater station for 2-way radio communications, and high-speed internet access, along with video capabilities. This vehicle can work as a stand-alone facility, if needed, or work in conjunction with the fixed location emergency operations center.

The Unified Mobile Command Center can be dispatched for search and rescue operations, major fires, chemical spills, storm ravaged regions of the county, major crimes, and tactical situations, as well as virtually any disaster situation requiring "on-site" multi-agency emergency coordination. The vehicle can also be used to assist neighboring counties in the event of a major disaster.

In addition to unplanned disasters, the Unified Mobile Command Center can be used for planned events such as exercises, festivals, and other special events requiring coordination of multiple assets.

The Anderson County Unified Mobile Command Center features a radio dispatch area, kitchen, and conference room. Power is provided by an on-board electrical generation system, and is not dependant on local utilities. The unit also contains telephone and Internet capabilities via satellite, in the event local and cellular telephone service and broadband Internet is not available.

The Anderson County Unified Mobile Command Center cost well over $400,000, and was paid for by a Department of Homeland Security grant.