Technical Services Division

There is no doubt that technology is a major part of our lives. The same is true in public safety, law enforcement, disaster planning, and urgent emergency communications.
At Anderson county Emergency Services the Technical Services Department is charged with the task of maintaining much of our technical infrastructure, and "mission critical" communications. Technical Services, however, does more than just communications.

There are many responsibilities tasked to Technical Services. Part of what this department does is to maintain the radio communications needs of the Anderson County Sherriff's Department, County Fire Departments, and many other county and municipal agencies.
Along with radio communications, the Technical Services Division also maintains the computer assisted dispatch (CAD) system for the unified county E-911 center, and the development of secure communications voice and data links.

Our staff includes trained and experienced electronic and radio frequency communications technicians. These technicians maintain much of the communications infrastructure throughout Anderson County, including maintaining our 800 MHz and VHF communications equipment. This system includes well over 1400 two-way radios, repeaters, and multiple tower sites that use cutting edge technology

Today, more than ever, working smarter and working with keeping costs in mind is more critical than ever. To help Anderson County in its goal of reducing costs, while still providing critical services, the Technical Services Department has taken the lead on finding innovative ways of accomplishing our vital task. We are constantly looking for more efficient and reliable ways, while insuring reliability, functionality, and dependability in the systems we maintain.

The Technical Services Department has realized a substantial cost savings for the citizens of Anderson County by doing much of our service and maintenance work in-house. Our staff is on call 24/7/365 to keep these systems operational.

Along with the afore mentioned responsibilities, the division also works on planning and developing strategies to constantly improve our technical capabilities, while working on finding new technologies that can improve performance and reduce costs.