The Anderson County Hazmat Team is made up of volunteers from various fire, emergency, and law enforcement agencies in the County. The team is well equipped, and isĀ funded by grants from the LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee), and trains frequently in practice drills.

The Anderson County Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Team is responsible for responding to the accidental or intentional release or spill of dangerous chemical, biological, fuels, pesticides, or even radiological/nuclear agents into the environment.

Typically, the Anderson County team responds to spills of liquid and gaseous agents resulting from container failure, transportation accidents or human error and most frequently deals with fuel spills and propane gas leaks.

It is estimated that in an average year, one out of every three trains and one out of every 10 trucks is carrying hazardous materials. Here in Anderson County; we have 36 miles of a major Interstate, plus numerous railroad lines, along with many industrial manufacturing plants.


There is 757 square miles in Anderson County. Anderson County also has the largest stretch of Interstate 85 (36 miles) which is a major commerce link between Charlotte and Atlanta, and the entire southeast. A number of railroad lines run through Anderson County, plus there are a number of major industries that use a number of hazardous materials.

The mission of the Anderson County Hazmat Team is to insure protection of public health and safety, the protection of the environment and mitigation of environmental damage, the protection of property and assets, and the safety of all emergency responders.

The Anderson County Hazmat Team also is trained to deal with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) incidents. The team is trained in handling decontamination (decon) incidents.

In this age, fire departments and emergency management personnel are very much aware of the dangerous situation posed by chemicals and the hazardous materials that are present in our society. It is only in recent years that the attention needed to dealing with these hazards has been realized.

Your Anderson County Hazmat Team goes through extensive initial training, plus all the volunteers are required to undergo additional training and class hours each year to maintain their certification.

To supplement their training, exercise drills are periodically held to maintain their skill levels, and to insure their response will be effective and expedient when faced with such an emergency in Anderson County.