Mission Statement:

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office - Emergency Services Division is responsible for protecting the lives and property of residents, the environment, businesses, and the visitors of Anderson County by coordinating disaster preparedness planning, risk mitigation, response, emergency communications systems, and incident recovery activities.

Vision Statement:

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office - Emergency Services Division will provide effective emergency response through an accredited, state-of-the-art, centralized call center. Public safety and law enforcement personnel will be continuously trained and retrained during in-service activities by the county.

All of our public service employees will receive appropriate state and national certifications with our ongoing role in preparing for emergencies through education, community outreach, and training opportunities. Through creating an increased incident emphasis on disaster preparedness, the Anderson County Emergency Services Division looks forward to strengthening interdepartmental communications and cooperation throughout our County.

By creating a community culture of preparedness and fostering partnerships with local public and private groups and businesses, it is our goal that Anderson County will work as a community, with neighbor helping neighbor, when a disaster strikes.

Value Statement:

We are individually accountable for reflecting these values in our professional and personal lives:

  • Respect for human life above all else.
  • Honesty and integrity through ethical behavior.
  • Willingness to change in response to valid criticism.
  • Professional excellence demonstrated through leadership, cooperation and dedication to serving as we would be expected to be served.
  • Appreciation for the diversity among our teammates and the members of our community. 


Anderson County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Services Division’s goal is to effectively bring every available resource to bear against the problem in a time of crisis. Accomplishing this task requires multifaceted, interdepartmental, and interagency cooperation and the resolution of complex operational, legal, legislative, and administrative issues. 

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Services Division is committed to working with local jurisdictions, the state and federal governments, community-based non-profit organizations, private industry, and neighborhoods to ensure this goal is achieved. Anderson County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Services Division works closely with the whole community.


  • Responder and public education and training.
  • Alerting and notification of impending or actual significant events.
  • Planning for and coordination of significant events.
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, laws, and mandates.
  • Comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Anderson County Emergency Management requirements for receipt of program funds.
  • Secures monies from grant opportunities to enhance and provide for equipment, training and personnel to assist public safety and first responder agencies with securing and protecting Anderson County citizens and property.
  • Work with all county response agencies and officials to enhance our Continuity of Operations Plan and the Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Plan large full scale exercises and smaller quality exercises to drill county readiness and capabilities.
  • Monitor sever weather watches, warnings, and special statements issued by the National Weather Service and provide this information to other local government departments including public safety and public works agencies.
  • Work closely with the community.
  • Liaison with agencies outside this jurisdiction through formal mutual aid agreements with bona fide law enforcement, fire department, emergency management and state or federal agencies.


  • Large-scale emergency preparedness, planning, training, response, and recovery services.
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation readiness and survivability.
  • Pre-disaster public awareness campaigns for severe weather and technological accidents.
  • Coordination of public information during crisis events.
  • Supervision of severe weather training, tracking, reporting, and warning systems.
  • Hazardous environmental incident planning, investigation, and enforcement.
  • Management of the County’s Enhanced 911 telephone system.
  • Implementation and management of Homeland Security projects
  • Coordination with other county and municipal agencies to ensure a safe, resilient community.
  • Works with the counties executive team with implementation of public policy related to community safety, law enforcement, fire, hazmat, and EMS services.
  • The render safe and/or removal of explosives, suspected improvised explosive devices and incendiary devices.
  • Provide technical support to special operations.